Windmill 775

Product Model Specifications

Tank400 gallon
Fan10,000 cfm @ 20mph
Gearbox90 HP
AgitationMulti-Port Jet
FilterServiceable Canister
ControlsElectric or Manual
PlumbingStainless Steel
Lights3 Rear Adjustable

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The Windmill Spraymaster 775 Combo - Like all Windmill products, the 775 Spraymaster is the original Electrostatic/Dilute Combo spayer.  Never again will you have to choose between the tried and true spray methods and the future of electrostatic technology.  Windmill Spraymasters come equiped with both - Standard.
Consider the advantage of electrostatic.  Advanced Electrostatic Spraying Technology has long been used by automobile and aircraft manufactures for painting.  Windmill Spraymaster has perfected it's use in agriculture.  Its theory is quite simple, and the results are impressive.  As chemical droplets leave the spray nozzle, they pass through a negatively-charged electrical field.  The spray is driven at high velocity toward the targeted plant.  The positive grounded tree or vine attracts the spray much like a magnet.  Quite literally, the spray is pulled to all the surfaces of the plant, thoroughly covering them in a uniform pattern, including the difficult to reach top areas.  This is so effective that chemical drip and drift are nearly eliminated, making the Windmill Spraymaster electrostatic sprayers preferred with farmers and enviromentalists alike.


  • Electrostatic/Dilute two-in-one spray system.  Standard.
  • Advanced electrostatic spray technology.
  • 400 gallon stainless steel tank.
  • Designed and built for decades of service.
  • Save cost and increase crop yield.
  • See brochure for additional options.