Sanitizer Orchard Mulcher

Product Model Specifications

Cutting Width 10'
Overall Width 11' 10"
Weight 2790 lbs.
# of Triple Knives 116/58
Height Adjustment 0-4"
Input PTO Speed 1000
Gearbox Rating 250 HP
HP Requirement 75
Cutter Drum Speed 1800 rpm
Cutting Width 12'
Overall Width 13' 10"
Weight 3264 lbs.
# of Triple Knives 148/74
Height Adjustment 0-4"
Input PTO Speed 1000
Gearbox Rating 250 HP
HP Requirement 85
Cutter Drum Speed 1800 rpm

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The Vrisimo Sanitizer Orchard Mulcher allows nut growers to start the spring with a clean orchard. It turns small pruning material, grass, and other organic matter into a fine mulch after harvest is completed. It comes in two sizes and is the perfect complement to Vrisimo flail mowers and shredders.
The Sanitizer also helps control pests like navel orange worm in almond, walnut and pistachio orchards by destroying unharvested nuts and residual wood

Key Features

  • 8” Back Roller — Keeps roller bearings protected and closes off rear discharge area
  • Bolt-in Abrasion Resistant Liner — To withstand harsh environments and be easily replaced
  • Heavy Duty Side Slicer Knives — More weight, more momentum, more mummy destruction
  • Internal Regurgitation Liner — Further closes off the discharge area for maximum mulching
  • Bolt-in Breaker Bar — Disrupts the path of debris for added destruction and redistribution into the knife path
  • Double-Row Spherical Bearing — Self-aligning, high-capacity, with high-temperature Teflon grease seal lasts longer. Ideally suited for shock loading and heavy duty environments.
  • Matching 5VX Series Belt and Pulley —  Provides optimal power transfer
  • Adjustable Height — Rear roller adjusts from 0 to 4 inches
  • Low-Profile Shield — Overall shield height around 30 inches on both ends depending on rear roller height