40EX-HD Brush Flail Mower

Product Model Specifications

Power Unit Size 16,000 - 24,000 LBS
Cutting Width 40"
Overall Width 67"
Weight 1,170 LBS
Number of Knives 24-Slicer | 12-Center 
Brush Capacity 5"
Hydraulic Flow Req 25 GPM
Motor Type Piston

The BrushHound 40EX-HD Flail Brush Mower comes with complimentary 100" hoses, flat face couplers, and mount (excluding Tag/WainRoy). If specific size/length hoses or flat face couplers are required, that request should be made when ordering.

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When maximum brush clearing is the goal, the BrushHound 40EX HD is the robust tool of choice for professionals. It can safely and quickly turn a tree, brush pile or woody area to mulch in minutes. The 40EX HD transforms backhoes and excavators into powerful shredders and long-reach boom mowers. Cutting capacity .5-5”

Key Features

  • High-Performance Cutter Drum. More power for tougher tasks
  • Extra-Strength Thumb Saddle. Serrated edge works with excavator thumb to grab and remove debris or obstacles
  • Bolt-on Excavator Mount. Every model includes excavator-specific mount
  • Adaptability. Mounts to most compact excavators or backhoes 12k to 20k
  • Piston Motor (optional). Available for high-press power units
  • Composite Dampener Washer. Isolates operational vibration and increases drive component lifespan
  • Wire Guards. Anti-wrap design protects bearings and seals from debris
  • True Shaft Technology. An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation
  • Triple Flail Knives. Reversible triple knife 2.25-pound “J” knives plus a 2 pound straight knifes provide 7 pounds of knife in each station adding power and extra cutting surface
  • Bolt-on Reversible Flails. Extends the life of flails by utilizing second edge
  • Bolt-on Chain Guards. Easily replaceable if damaged
  • Direct Drive Design. Maximizes power transfer to cutter drum
  • SAE Compliant. Exceeds all SAE J1001 standards for flail mowers
  • Heavy-Duty, Single-Piece Frame. Increases strength without adding weight


The BrushHound 40EX HD is built tough for the toughest jobs. It weighs 1,207 pounds, has a heavy-duty single-piece frame, a half-inch cutter drum and end plates that are 3/8” thick. It has an optional piston motor to adapt to high-press power units. Its uses the innovative triple-flail knife design available on all BrushHound mowers.