Rock Tough Tiller

Sizes: 72"

Product Model Specifications

Hydraulic Flow Rate  10-20 gpm.
Working Width 72"
Working Depth 7.5"
Overall Dipth 78.5"
Overall Length 30"
Overall Height 39"
Total Knives 24
Weight 805 Ibs.

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The Rock Tough forward and reverse tine tiller is a great general purpose tool for your collection. This skid steer mounted attachment makes seedbed preparation in basic gardening or lawn/landscaping a breeze. Small enough to be used in residential applications, reliable enough to be used in commercial gardening or landscaping jobs.

Key Features
  • Bi-directional Tines. Allows forward or reverse operation
  • Dual Rotation Hydraulic Motor.
  • High Torque Chain System. Eliminates resistance caused by clogging or changing direction.
  • Low Flow Hydraulic Operations.
  • Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor.
  • 4 Blades Per Flange. 6 flanges total

Robust and easy to use the Rock Tough Tiller comes in three sizes 6, 5 and 4 footer. Standard with low speed high torque hydraulic motor as well as high torque chain system.  This tiller has a working depth of 8 inches and a hydraulic flow rate of 10 to 20 gpm.